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I Wanted To Run

August 30, 2016


…and we did.

The other day I could hardly get across the Mayo lobby.  The meds weren’t working.  My feet would freeze.  I’d have to stop and restart the shuffle walk.  It took forever to get across that lobby and down to the elevators.  It hurt.  I could see the eyes watching without even looking.  Three people offered help.  I wanted to cry.

Tonight, the meds were working.   I didn’t hurt.  The window when they work is not always wide.  Decided it was the best time for Xerx and I to go for  our evening walk.  We climbed a hill.  It was a hill we’ve stood on the top of before.  And it’s a hill we’ve run down before.  I miss running.

As we stood on the top of that hill, enjoying the beautiful sunset, I checked my legs.  They seemed to be working good enough.  I decided to try what I wanted to do.  I turned to Xerx and said, “Let’s run.”

…and we did.









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  1. Jerry Trice #
    August 31, 2016

    So encouraging to hear, Tom. May God bless and keep you.

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