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Night Of Firsts

May 15, 2016


Parkinson’s has many interesting characteristics.  They come in different combinations.  One of the characteristics I have is the acting out of one’s dreams at night.  I know I have done this as I have, at times, been startled awake finding myself in strange positions on different parts of the bed.

Last night was the first night I found myself off the bed.

Xerx used to sleep on the bed – at the foot end.  He stopped doing so a while back.  I’m sure the reason is my acting out of dreams.  It’s  too dangerous on the bed.  He now sleeps on the floor next to the bed where I can still reach him to give him good-night pet.

Last night was the first night I woke up wondering what was moving underneath me.

Xerx was able to get out and, after a bit, I got up and sat down on the edge of the bed.  The right side of my face hurt – the area next to my right eye.  I reached up to feel it.  It was wet.  I looked at my hand.  The wet was dark color.  I turned on the light.

Last night was the first time the Parkinson’s had drawn blood.

The nightstand has a sharp corner.  I hit it on the way down.  Decided the nightstand had to go.  Now.  Moved it out.  Put a fully upholstered ottoman next to the bed.  Looks goofy.  Hard on a designer’s eye, but I’d rather keep the eye.

Last night was the first time I changed the furniture for Parkinson’s.


After checking out the cut and getting the bleeding stopped, I crawled back into bed.  Wondered if Xerx would return or whether he was done sleeping next to the bed.  Called him, “Xerx.” He came right in, curled up on his bed, and looked up at me as he always does.  Gave him a reassuring pat.

It was nice not everything changed.

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