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April 29, 2016



“The house” officially sold today.  The new owners are already moving in.

The house one can see from the other end of town as one drives down the main street (it’s a small town) is no longer the Eickhoff Family Home.  It’s someone else’s.

I asked Mom tonight whether it was a relief or was it sad.  She said it was a relief.  The house no longer worked for them.  She said, “We had 29 great years in that house.”  Dad would  agree.  He’s just not as willing to move on to the new chapter we’re in.

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Where did everything go?  Some went to their new home, some to their kid’s and grandkid’s homes, some stayed with the house, some is now in the homes of people who came to the sale, homes of people who surf on Craig’s List, and the homes of people who shop at Salvation Army    …and then there was that that simply went in the garbage.

I was down the past couple weeks helping get the remaining things out of the house (it’s amazing how one can keep finding things), cleaning, and doing yard work.  For me, it was no longer “home”.  Take the family and the personal things out of a home and one is left with just another house  …an empty house  …that happens to have a lot of cool memories.

So where is the family home now?  It’s wherever we want it to be   …wherever we are.  Last Christmas we were here:















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