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Life-Long (87 years) Friendship

January 30, 2016


Dad (Don) and Everett (who is 90+).

Dad, “When we were young, we used to play together every day.” They were Best Man in each other’s weddings. They farmed adjacent farms. They vacationed together in Mexico.

During their visit today, Cynthia, Everett’s daughter, asked Dad what he did all day. Dad’s reply, “Think about Everett.”

After their visit, at dinner, Mom asked Dad how Everett was. Dad, looking down and fighting tears, said, “Not good”.

Thomas Eickhoff's photo.

Rick Sikkink Took a while growing up to realize they weren’t brothers. I remember both of them playing church league basketball. Both very fine men. Was Everett the youngest of your aunts and uncles on the Eickhoff side?

Thomas Eickhoff Yes. Everett was (and will always be) the youngest of the “original” Eickhoff family. My Dad is Everett’s nephew. Everett grew up with the next generation of his oldest brothers.

Betty-Jane Kaun This is what a life-long friendship looks like, both are remarkable men !!!!

Alecia Volkman Sweet…

Katie Michelle Eickhoff Great picture!

Muriel Vomhof The joy of farming – you work with your family, live next door to your family, you can grow old with your best friend, cause they don’t move away and when you are 87 – your lives are so intertwined that you feel each other’s pain. Thanks for the glimpse into their life.

Mary Ann Schultz  precious story

Kathy Schultz Everett and Bea have been the visitORs for many years. Now Everett is the visitEE. Precious men; both of them.

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