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To See A Turkey Fly

January 2, 2016


Last night, as Xerxes and I went on a walk, a turkey flew.  Turkey’s don’t look like something that should fly.  The turkey not only flew, it flew with grace.

001 mpen 16.0102 - 11

This afternoon, Xerx and I went downstairs.  In the window a flower bloomed.  It shouldn’t have.  I bought it last spring to plant in a planter.  I never did.  It sat all summer and fall in its’ plastic store container.  Hardly ever got watered.  It had a small green leaf on it this fall so I brought it inside.  It still is just a bunch of dried up leaves with a small green one   …and now a flower.

001 mpen 16.0102 - 45

To see a turkey fly.  To see brown leaves bloom.  To realize all things are possible.  To not give up.  To hope.

Faith, hope, and love.



It’s been an incredible week.






























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