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On Our Path

October 31, 2015


Last night, as Xerx and I were returning home from a long walk, we found this on our path:


It looks to be a home …of sorts.

For a homeless person? Can a homeless person have a home? It seems problematic.

There was no one home. Can a homeless person not be home?

01 mpwr 15.1030_6447

The structure is actually rather well built. The tree limbs are woven together and secured with twine.

In a way it debunks the stereotypes of a homeless person. This person is not lazy. A lot of work has gone into building this.

Some of the “limbs” are actually small trees he cut down. But what did he cut them with? A spoon? They are very crudely cut. Had to have taken a lot of time.

There’s a metal barrel inside used for a fire.

01 mpwr 15.1030_6449

And I wonder.

What’s the story?

Who is this?

Does his family know? Does his family care? Does anyone care?

Why is he on our path?

My sister suggested bringing him a pie as a welcome-to-the-neighborhood sort of thing. I think I will. I don’t have a pie, but I have some apple crisp.

I was hungry and you brought me apple crisp.






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