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The Toronto Road – Part 2 – At the Border

October 1, 2015


Border Official, “Where you from?”

Me, “Minneapolis.”

“Where you going?”


“For what purpose?”

“Visit a friend.”

“How often do you go to Toronto?”

“First time.”

With an intimidating tone, “How’d you meet your friend then?”

“We met in Siberia.”

In slightly raised voice, “Your friend is not from Toronto?”

“No, he’s Russian …from Siberia …actually Lithuania now.”

Back to intimidating voice, “What’s he doing in Toronto?”

“Visiting …a conference of some sort.”

Seemingly satisfied, “How long you going to be in Canada?”

“A few hours.”

Resignedly, “Anything to declare?”


He looks in the backseat and with a slight smile he’s trying to disguise says, “Have a good day.”

001 0926_us 15.0927_1630Xerx – showing Vlad Toronto.





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