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A Stinky Sticky Dog

August 8, 2015


01_xr 15.0808_8496Xerx and I went exploring this week.  We like taking the path less traveled even if it means making our own path.   We find new things.

We found what looked to be a homeless camp.  There was no one home.  I guess that makes it a homelessless homeless camp.

At one off-road point I heard a gablonk.  I looked and all I saw was Xerx’x head above the pond scum.  He either got too close and slipped in or he thought he could walk on the scum.  I asked him what he was doing.  He didn’t answer.  He was busy doing the dog paddle.

He had no problem getting out, but he was a little wet.  In fact, I’ve never seen him so wet.

Nor have I seen him wearing pond scum. I wondered how this was going to work.  I didn’t want a pond-scummed dog in the house.  He runs away from the hose.  I also thought he needed more than a hose.  He smelled …like a stagnate pond.

As we’re walking and I’m thinking through the options, this wet dog goes through a weed patch and comes out wearing the weeds.  He’s covered with stickies and not just the stickies – he’s got whole weeds hanging off him.  He looks like a chia pet.  Had to smile.

He just kept right on going – soaked to the bone with hundreds of stickies attached to him and weeds hanging off him.

As we get closer to home, Xerx, realizing where we are, gets excited like I’ve never seen him get excited about getting home before.  He pulls me up the hill.  I guess he was just glad this walk was over.

But it’s not over.  He’s a stinky sticky covered dog.

I can’t get the stickies out by hand.  I use a grooming brush but some of the stickies are so worked into the fur the only way they come out is with the fur.

Xerx is very patient as I slowly defur him.  He only yelps twice.  The rest of the time he just looks at me with those big eyes that say, “It hurts”.

I get a lot of them out, but there are more.  I decide to leave some for Xerx to work on.

Now for the stink.  The only solution I can think of is a bath.  I have no idea how this is going to work.  I’ve never given him a bath.  The breed is advertised as self-cleaning.  They’re like cats.  They give themselves baths.  But this is beyond a cat cleaning.

We head for the bathroom.  I have to pull him in.  I try to get him to jump in the tub.  He sees no reason to.  I help him in.  Then I join him, holding his collar so he can’t jump out.  I turn on the water, add soap, and slowly start dumping handfuls of water on him.  I gradually get him completely wet.  Only his face is dry.  I’m leaving that for him to do.

How’s he doing?  He seems to be enjoying it.  His tongue is hanging out like it does when he’s happy.  He’s not struggling.  I let go of the collar.  He stays.

When I’m done he jumps out.  I hand him a towel.  Doesn’t need it.  The bathroom does though.  He gets everything in the room wet as he shakes off.

It’s been a few days now.  Haven’t walked that way again.  We’re still working on the stickies, but Xerx is a whiter white.






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  1. Charles Kaun #
    August 9, 2015

    I believe a short story book on ”Animal Adventures” would be in order.  You and Xerx have had many adventures to write about, even a few turkey selections  to add a little more humor.  I sure enjoy reading about you and your pup, he is a most intelligent canine..

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