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Not Quite Changed

July 21, 2014


This morning I see this video in FB and share it.

Later I’m outside my house and a man comes up to me and asks if I can help him. He’s in a tough situation as his transmission went out on Golden Valley Road and something. He asks if I can help him out.

The only problem is I’m pretty sure I’ve helped this man with his transmission before. I ask if I had.

He said, “Yes, when I ran out of gas. You were planting flowers.”

I said, “Yes, but it wasn’t gas. It was your transmission. Your car was on Penn that time. You needed to get to work in Arden Hills.”

He said, “Probably. But it was for gas.”

I said, “No, It was transmission.”

I then said, “I can’t help you this time.”

He walked off somewhat in a huff.

I felt good about not being “taken” twice (although I didn’t believe his story the first time and I had only given him part of the bus fare he said he needed).

Then I thought of the video I had posted.

And I wondered what his real story is.  Is he just an opportunist or…   ?  What”s his family like?  What’s his real situation?  Why does he beg?  Who is he?

What if he’s Christ?

I wonder.

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