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He’s A Dog

April 21, 2014


Meet Xerx.


He’s a dog.

He looks like a dog.  Acts like a dog.  He is a dog.

So what’s with the dog?

I somehow ran across him on the internet.  I don’t remember how as when I tried to find him again, I couldn’t.  What I had found was a request for a home.  This was a special dog that its owners could no longer keep.  For the past year he had been living in a basement in a kennel – not out of neglect,  just out of no better options.

I wrote inquiring.  I heard nothing back.  I forgot about it.

Two months later I got an email asking if I was still interested.  Maybe.

We exchanged many emails.  The owners were honest.  They made it clear he was a dog.  He does dog things.

I was leery.

A month ago they dropped him off.   Maybe.

The owners and I have an agreement that this is, for now, a foster home arrangement.  If, for whatever reason, I decide it’s not working, I can give him back.  In fact, they want me to give him to them, not someone else.

Why would I not keep him?  He’s a dog.   He does dog things.

Why would I keep him?  He’s a dog.

He does dog things.





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