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“Any Burglaries Lately?”

August 25, 2013


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Ran into a friend yesterday who, knowing I had moved to North, jokingly asked, “Any burglaries lately?”.  The question stems from a stereotype of North.

“Twenty,”  I replied.  The answer is the reason for the stereotype.

There are two problems with stereotypes.  One is they are usually based on something that is true.   It is true that there have been 20 some burglaries within 3 blocks of my house in the last 2 months.  They always happen during the day when no one is home.   They take things they can sell – computers, jewelry, electronics, gun collections (the good guys buy them for the bad guys to steal).

The other, more serious, problem with stereotypes is how they are applied.  Everyone in North is not a burglar.   I know of no neighbors within 3 blocks that are burglars.   Just the guys renting the house at 1642 Washburn.

Now this raises a question:  If everyone knows who is doing it, knows the house they are operating out of, why haven’t the police done anything?  When we had a burglary spree in South Minneapolis the police greatly increased their patrols.  They would drive the allies.  They would stop and talk to people.  And usually within a few days, it was over.  There has not been any noticeable increase in police patrols

…until yesterday when I saw a police car stopped with the two officers watching the turkeys.






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