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Guns And Turkeys

January 12, 2013


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I was thinking yesterday, after watching 20 turkeys browse through my front yard and then, later, my back yard, how well they survived Thanksgiving.  They actually not only survived, they thrived.  All summer the herd was 17.  Somewhere they gained 3.  Must be Thanksgiving leftovers.


Went out to take photos during the recent snowstorm.  Stopped to take one of the snow covered trees.  Ended up with a deer and a turkey in the shot.  They can be worse than people – always wanting to be in the picture.  Had to wait for all 17 turkeys to cross.

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Went for a walk a couple days ago.  Six deer watched – 2 does and 4 fawns.  They’ve been around all summer.  They hang out together now.  They stand on their hind legs to trim the trees higher.  Works kinda like a step ladder.   Raises the safe-from-deer bar, however.

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Then there’s the rather handsome eight point buck who walked right up to me last fall – came within 10 feet.  There’s also a younger buck I call “Halfrack”.  He’s missing half his antlers.

So the deer and turkeys survived hunting season with no fatalities.  In fact, there were no known fatalities in the turkey or deer populations in Minneapolis in all of 2012.  People did not do so well.  There were 42 killed in Minneapolis.  Some were only teenagers.  Some just children.

All day long turkeys walk up and down the street and through the yards.  They sleep in open trees at night.   They are not bothered by cars.  They are cautious of humans, but clearly not frightened.  The deer can be seen night and day.  They walk right up to the house.  No fear.  Never been shot.

Us humans?  There are parts of the city we do not walk at night.  Why?  For fear    …of being shot.

Why is it safer to be a turkey than a child?

(It’s a question, not an answer.)

Turkeys are standing by to take your calls.

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