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The Neighbors Are Talking …and Taking Pictures

May 11, 2012


I’ve started my landscape project.

It’s fairly ambitious.

A neighbor came over and asked what in the world I was doing.  She said the whole neighborhood is talking.

Before I could tell her another neighbor came over saying she could go no longer not know what I was doing.

The next day a neighbor who I had not met came over.  He said they’ve now started taking pictures.

Another neighbor offers help and actually comes over and helps.

To the question of what I’m doing, I simply say, “I’m moving a mountain.”

…and most don’t even know about the backyard.

The project started with picking up a couple sticks in the  backyard woods  …well   …actually hundreds of sticks (this is just one of the piles).

It involved having someone take down and cut up dead trees   …and then my collecting and stacking the firewood he left for me.

It involved picking up garbage and piling up stone.

…and stacking the concrete chunks.

The real project began when I decided to plant a little tree   …o.k. –  a big tree.  When I found out how much it would cost to have the tree company plant, I said I could dig the hole.

Well…  it is actually several large trees all of which I said I would dig the holes for   …some of which have concrete block walls running through them.

Of course there’s always the difficult one.  Here I wanted the tree where the deck was so I took off the deck only to find a concrete dumping grounds which was very tough digging.

Hiding the concrete dump was a couple bags of landscape rock   …actually a couple dozen bags that had to be bagged.

Then the day lilies needed to be dug.

So, while I’m at it, I might as well fix the whole front yard.  I called to get the utilities located.   I dug a 3 foot deep hole 4 feet long in search of the gas line.   Still no gas line.  I had them come out again.

Of course, the phone and cable companies’ boxes would be on my yard.  As I lowered the grade around the towers I found more and and more lines – few of which were where they said they would be.

My tree holes function as toad traps.  I make almost daily rescues.

Then I decide to plant a tree further down the backyard slope.  It’s a bigger tree.  The tree people say I need a 5′ diameter hole 3′ deep.

Of course, while I’m at it, I might as well move the backyard.  This concrete “outcropping”  I knew about.  I’ve dug down about 6 feet here.

To move the backyard mountain, I need to move the mountain of stone.

This leads to many piles of stacked stone.

Today the Bobcat comes.  Had a hard time finding someone.   The tree company looked at what I wanted to do and said in their thirty years, they’ve never done anything like what I’m doing.  They were going to get back to me about the Bobcat work.  I never heard back.


Why move the mountain?

Because it’s there

…and I want it over there.




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