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Disasters – what to do

January 16, 2010


Be as Christ.  Do as to Christ.  As Christ as to Christ.

There.  Be where Christ needs to be.  Be where Christ is.

Turn off the TV. Sign out of FaceBook. Google the disaster. “Search” for a way.  Let God open doors.

Catastrophes will never fit our plans. We don’t schedule them. God does. His timing is …his. Adjust to God.

Help save lives anyway you can. Go when things are chaotic and also when they are organized. Be there.

Work with, and around, bureaucracy. Follow the lead of those who know, and when no one’s leading, lead.

Do what you can do. Distribute meals. Fix a wound. Hand out water. Dig through ruble. Organize work. Give a hug.

Sit by their side. Listen. Let them tell you what they have been through. Hold them …and don’t let go until they do.

Treat them as Christ. He is. Honor them. Be to them as Christ would be to them.

Bless …and you’ll be blessed like you’ve never been blessed before.

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